Highway Guardrail Injury Lawyers: Seeking Justice for Victims of Defective Guardrails

2023-04-08 04:38:02 By : Mr. Jeff Lu
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Guardrails are meant to protect drivers in case of accidents on the highways, but defective guardrails can actually cause more harm than good. The X-Lite guardrail end terminal, made by Lindsay Transportation Solutions, has caused several accidents that have injured or killed drivers. One such victim was the daughter of Stephen Eimers who has since made it his mission to have these defective guardrails removed from the roads.
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The X-Lite guardrail end terminal is meant to absorb the energy of a collision and fold under pressure like an accordion. However, instead of folding, it pierced the vehicle of Eimers' daughter causing her death. Eimers has since traveled across the country advocating for victims of similar accidents, believing that there are many more whose stories have not been told.

The X-Lite guardrail end terminal is currently present in 20 states, but Eimers wants to see it phased out and replaced with safer alternatives. Although the guardrails are crash-tested, the tests are conducted by the manufacturers themselves, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not oversee or pay for the tests. The Government Accountability Office has highlighted the potential for bias in a recent report.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a collision with a highway guardrail, you may be eligible for considerable compensation for your injuries. Call the lawyers representing guardrail victims across the country for a free consultation at 877-544-5323. It is important to hold the manufacturers of these defective guardrails accountable and promote safer alternatives for the protection of drivers on the highways.